Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We have accepted our Money-back guarantee to secure the rights of our customers for full satisfaction and protect their interests: that is why students prefer to get papers from us. We guarantee you that you will get an indemnity no matter how completed your order is, if any problem occurs.

How much time does it take to get a refund?

  1. Immediately – when you call off the order before assigning of the writer or no writer was selected to complete your paper.
  2. 3-4 business days – in case if you want to withdraw the order that is already processed, thus the amount of the repayment differs according to the period of time dedicated to the paper.
  3. Up to 14 days – if you want to get a refund in virtue of quality insufficiency.

What are the possible reasons for repayment requests?

  • Repeated quittance for the same order – if you have received two bills for the same order, get in touch with our Support team immediately
  • Precarious ordering of the same paper twice – please cancel one paper and contact our support team otherwise both orders will be proceeded and you will have to pay for each.
  • Violation of the deadline. There are several conditions depending on which you can count on certain amount of repayment. However, if the first draft of the paper is late and is not approved by you, you will definitely get a full refund.
  • Quality refunds. There are options when you are totally or partially dissatisfied with the quality of your paper. Such requests are processed by our Quality Assurance department and every case is regarded separately.

For more details please contact our Support team.